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Limo Hire - FAQ's

How do I book one of your cars?
Booking one of our cars is simple. You can call us directly on 0800 468 1058 or 07831 461565 or complete our online form in order to receive a quotation.We at Earls Limousines are a family run business and have been operating for nearly 10 years.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Earls Limousines require a deposit for all bookings in order to ensure that the car is allocated to you for your event or occasion.it varies from £50 to £100 which comes off you balance.The deposit is non refundable.

What methods of payment do you accept.
We accept all forms of payment, cash, cheque or cards. Please note all card payments are dealt with securely by Streamline and as such you can be safe that the payments are safe and secure.
How many passengers can a limousine carry.
Our hummers  can hold between 13 and 18 passengers. Please advise our sales team on the number of passengers that will be carried and they will happily advise as to the type of car that should be provided. Please also bear in mind that small children and babies are classed as full passengers.
What is included in the hire package?
Each package is tailor made to suit your individual requirements. Whether you require ribbons to match your wedding; balloons/banners/soft drinks for a childs party, or bubbly for the adults then these can be provided.
Why do prices vary so much from company to company?

Prices  depend upon the quality of the car that you require, you must bear in mind that our hummers cost 100k each. You wouldnt buy a car for £3000 and expect a Ferrari and likewise you wouldn’t spend £100k and expect a fiesta. This is the same as hiring our  limousines.if you want quality then we at Earls limousines is the company to book with .Prices will vary depending on size and age of the limousine. At Earls Limousines  we run only the highest specification limousines, all our limousines are  new models we are always updating our fleet.Remember the cheapest isn`t always the best ..
I’ve heard that limousines are now illegal.
This is a false statement there has been a change in the legislation that allows limousines on the public roads. However these changes only affect the 4x4 and jeep style limousines such as hummers. The legal stance is that they need to have been checked and verified with a Certificate Of Initial Fitness or COIF,this costs in excess of £18k for each limousine. We ensure that all of the vehicles we run are complaint with all of the current legal requirements and as such you can be safe in the knowledge that if for whatever reason our vehicles are pulled up by the  Police or  VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) then there will be no problems and the journey can continue  . Vehicles that do not comply with the current legislations can be impounded there and then by VOSA leaving you stranded at the roadside. Therefore we would always recommend booking through Earls LimousinesLtd to ensure that this does not happen to you.
Who you book with is up to you,but we at Earls Limousines will give you one bit of advise,please see below.

If you receive a cheaper quote PLEASE be aware to check that the company is fully licensed and insured.  If there is more than 8 passengers that the vehicle carries the appropiate C.O.I.F certificate, which ensures the vehicle is legal to carry over 8 passengers for hire/reward, and meets all U.K regulations. Without this certificate VEHICLES ARE NOT INSURED and therefore you travel at your own risk.